I want to draw two plots

  1. at x=1, y=3, at x=2, y=9
  2. change the above plot so that y=exp(y), x is unchanged.

I know this might seem silly to ask, but I do not have any experience to draw a mathematical plot. Is there any built-in app to do so? I'd be very appreciated for your help.

  • macOS includes Grapher. Try also Desmos | Graphing Calculator. – lhf Feb 6 at 10:23
  • Heads up, grapher is in the Utilities folder in Applications... – Solar Mike Feb 6 at 10:33
  • @lhf I've checked Grapher. It seems to need a function, but I don't have any function here. Furthermore, I want to plot them as a bar chart – Maybe Feb 7 at 3:16
  • What does the exp mean in y=exp(y)? Is that expression correct, or did you perhaps mistype it? – Tom Gewecke Feb 7 at 23:24
  • @TomGewecke It's the exponential function – Maybe Feb 8 at 1:29

Note: Plotting just 2 points will give you a straight line only. To see any curvature in a date set, you must plot more than 2 points and the x values must span the proper region.

I think Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets would be your best bet. You can define an x range of values in one column and then calculate the y values. Both Excel and Numbers have charting/plotting capabilities. Be sure to select "scatter plot" as your choice for chart type. You can then plot the x and y data you generated. You can choose bar chart if that is what you want. Below is an image of your result using Google Sheets. If you change the x, y or y2 values the chart will update to reflect the new values. The image won't update though.

enter image description here

There are other plotting apps for the Mac. The Mac comes with Grapher which is good for charting functions. There is also Magic Plot, and Veusz. These are probably overkill for what you want which is why I recommended a spreadsheet package.

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