My child has a MacBook that is required at school. I'd like to

  • set rules around my child's usage of certain apps for, shall we say, non-academic use (games),
  • while still allowing him to use the device as needed during school hours.

I've looked at macOS's Parental Controls and various commercial software, none of which quite meets my needs with their implementation of app time limits.

This question was answered with a cool shell script that comes really close what I'm looking for. Is it feasible to edit the script with some additional features?

  • A cumulative timer to limit game playing to x minutes per day, and block them altogether from 8am-3pm M-F
  • Ability to add/subtract time as a means of rewards and consequences (Can this be done while the script is running in the background??)
  • Ability to remotely edit the number of minutes, as the Mac will be out of my possession for much of the day (I do have an admin account)

Thanks in advance!

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