I'm having intermittent wifi issues, regardless of the network. Especially after using Zoom w/ video for a while, either I get complete packet loss or just extreme network slowdown. It does resolve eventually, but when monitoring the Wi-Fi log I found this correlated:

Mon Feb  4 21:25:49.167 Driver Discovery: <airportd[177]> _interfaceAdded: pktap0 added.
Mon Feb  4 21:25:49.168 Driver Discovery: <airportd[177]> _interfaceAdded: pktap0 is not an AirPort interface.

Does anyone know what pktap0 is? and if this log points to a problem?

  • pktap is Apple's pseudo interface which adds info about the process ID. Source code. Looks like it doesn't play nice with AirPort. – Denis Rasulev Feb 5 at 7:30

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