I know I can create a local user with:

sudo dscl . create /Users/firstlast RealName "FIRST LAST"

How can I create a network user on Sierra or High Sierra?

  • Welcome to Ask Different. Can we assume you are running 10.14.2 mojave and the latest server.app v 5.7.1? Please edit the body of the question if you can help with details. – bmike Feb 5 at 1:30
  • Good point, updated. – screaming drills Feb 5 at 23:10
  • OK - it's been a very long time since I usually use LDIF/LDAP loads and AD scripting - what about apple.stackexchange.com/questions/142655/… ? - the dsimport command is still present and has a manual page on Mojave. – bmike Feb 6 at 3:39

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