I'm looking to create an AppleScript to automate my Keynote workflow. Basically, I want to replace a marker in the Presenter Notes with text from a table (Numbers, Excel, or other). I found this script (Transfer Omnioutliner Outline to Presenter Notes), which has a good bit of what I need, but instead of replacing all of the Presenter Notes, I just want to replace a marker, say :hold: , in slide 1 with the contents of column A, row 1, slide 2 with the contents of column A, row 2, etc etc of Numbers/Excel.

I would be open to using other applications, like Omnioutliner in the example provided, or use a different method altogether, as long as it's quick and automated. My Presenter Notes for a PreEvent contain information about the slide, usage language, and research. I compose a document (previously Word) containing the full transcript of the presentation which I add to the PostEvent. As of right now, I copy and paste the transcript for each slide into the corresponding Presenter Notes. The goal of this AppleScript is to remove the copy and paste portion of the job.

I would really appreciate any help I can get on the subject. Thank you in advance!

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