Running the watch command I see this title:

Every 2.0s: ls android-94348784d7dfd533: Mon Feb 4 08:59:54 2019

The android portion is confusing me. I don't understand what it is referencing. I have no processes, users or devices named android

Using watch version 3.3.15

  • what argument do you give to your watch command? – Denis Rasulev Feb 4 at 19:56
  • doesn't matter - but I realize that this is installed via homebrew. The value is the hostname gitlab.com/procps-ng/procps/blob/master/watch.c#L391 but why this particular hostname? something to do with procfs I reckon. – The Who Feb 4 at 21:27
  • and sure enough my hostname is android-94348784d7dfd533 - now to figure why it is using that and not the machine name. – The Who Feb 4 at 21:32

That value is the machine's hostname. The network was assigning this hostname to the machine.

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