So I have the new mac mini 2018 and I have a dual screen setup. 1 is connected via display port the other via HDMI. My main display is the one connected via the display port. However, I have this issue on startup where my main screen is just black and the second monitor with just a background image and no login screen. I have to turn one of the screens off to get the login screen. How can I fix this issue?

enter image description here

  • If you log in first, then connect the second screen, what happens? – drivec Feb 4 at 19:06
  • Everything is alright after login. It's just the booting with both connected. – Abdul Sadik Yalcin Feb 5 at 9:37
  • Is it possible for you to swap the plugs for the monitor, either directly or with an adaptor? – drivec Feb 5 at 18:54

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