When I click on a YouTube video the browser always adds this extension to the link: "&frags=pl%2Cwn".

Example links:

This problem only occurs when I use my MacBook Pro in Safari (version 12.0.2).

Both links work, I've tried it on multiple computers / different web browsers and as far as I see there's absolutely no difference.

When I click on a video in YouTube the link gets added automatically, but I can remove it manually and the page just loads again without the extension (like a refresh of the page).

My questions are:

  • Why does this happen?
  • Has anybody else encountered this problem (Maybe it's a user-specific problem)?
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    What exactly is your question here? – nohillside Feb 4 at 9:32
  • @nohillside Added the questions, should be clear now. – AleksanderRas Feb 4 at 9:47
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    It isn’t user specific, if you search for “frags=pl%2Cwn” you can see that there are a bunch of YouTube video links that have that in them. Not sure what it is, but it happens to other people. – dwightk Feb 4 at 11:28
  • Do you have some sort of YouTube related extension loaded? I've tested in all my versions of Safari and none have that URL format. – Allan Feb 6 at 15:57
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    By "Safari" he prob means, "Why is Google adding the parameter when I use Safari, but not on other browsers?" – JBis Feb 7 at 23:11

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