I installed Windows using BootCamp my MacBook Pro Mid-2010 on a separate hard drive running Windows 10. I have had issues playing all games on the OS, due to the game resolution being the same as my screen resolution, and I am unable to change it.

My display resolution is stuck at 1680 x 1050 in Windows, and I can't change it. I have all the drivers installed, by using both GeForce Experience AND the macOS / Bootcamp drivers from Apple. The issue is that I cannot change my system display resolution and in all games, it shows my graphics card as the "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" and not "GeForce GT 330M".

I have the latest (Latest drivers are from 2016) graphics drivers for my card (GeForce GT 330M).

When I go into a game like Overwatch, it shows the graphics card as "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" and not "GeForce GT 330M", so that may be related.

How can I validate I have the correct graphics drivers so I can change the resolution in Windows?

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    Did you install the Boot Camp Support Software that can be downloaded using the Boot Camp Assistant? This probably is the same as Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5621. Also, was the separate drive a internal SATA drive or an external USB drive? Are you BIOS or EFI booting Windows 10? – David Anderson Feb 3 at 22:57
  • I have the software, it is a 500GB external hard drive, and I am using EFI booting. – jackmerrill Feb 4 at 0:24
  • Great question, rather than closing it as unclear - I've edited to remove the side question and point out a couple items you might improve upon like specific details and how you updated the drivers. – bmike Feb 4 at 0:25
  • @bmike Ok, I just edited my question to be more clear (hopefully). – jackmerrill Feb 5 at 17:40

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