I'm experiencing problems on macOS Mojave 10.14.2 with an Exchange Mailbox in Apple Mail. The Exchange Mailbox account only updates once I click Mailbox > Rebuild.

According to the Connection Doctor (Window > Connection Doctor), all connections work properly. Outgoing mail also works. With the same setup on my iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.13, there are no issues and the inbox updates promptly. The issue seems to be related to the Apple Mail on my Desktop computer, and to Exchange accounts only. My Gmail (IMAP) account in Apple Mail works as expected.

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How can I troubleshoot the issue, when one of several mailboxes won’t show new mails?

  • Hi. Asking for votes is more of a meta, let’s focus this clearly on what precise thing you need. I’m guessing you need to troubleshoot if the problem is configuration, corruption locally or if you need the mail admin to look at your account? Can you narrow down what exchange is? Is it O365 or a company hosted exchange server? – bmike Feb 2 '19 at 12:47
  • I asked because I was curious of the magnitude of the problem. If so, I thought it could be related to a more recent release. The only thing I can say is that my OS is setup completely new and that it only happens with the Apple Mail app on Desktop. On mobile, everything works as expected. The Exchange server is from a university, the documentation is unfortunately not more precise. – Christopher Feb 3 '19 at 10:31
  • Any solution? I've just had this start happening to me, all of a sudden, on two different (Catalina) machines with the same Exchange account. (It works fine on my iPhone and iPad, too...) – Andrew Jaffe 2 days ago

As MS Exchange keeps all of your data on the server there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't just remove that account. Delete any leftover mailboxes from mail.app and then re-add the Exchange account. I find that often fixes issues between mail.app and Exchange.

As an aside I stopped using mail.app for exchange connectivity (for work) for reasons that there are times when mail.app, Calendar, contacts, reminders, etc. just don't behave as expected when connecting to an Exchange server. Microsoft's (free, last I checked) Outlook client is actually an excellent mail client and I have never had a problem with Outlook on the Mac or on my iPhone.

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    I tried that a few times, also setting up the server and addresses manually. However, the problem is still there. Ps: Outlook ist not an option for me. I get depressed by using those interfaces. – Christopher Feb 3 '19 at 10:28

Meanwhile, you can try the shortcut command+shift+N to refresh the account emails.

  • No, the whole point is that neither ‘Get Mail’ nor ‘Synchronize’ works. – Andrew Jaffe yesterday
  • I couldn’t have dreamt of it. – ankii yesterday

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