• We are using supervised devices
  • Airwatch is our MDM solution
  • Devices are being used sparingly with Guided Access enabled to allow use of one app only
  • Some devices use Facetime as above mentioned app, which requires AppleID sign-in

In the past, during critical situations, a device would not allow use until the user signed in. Our end-users do not have access to the shared AppleIDs. Note this was also on devices that were not yet supervised.

What I've done so far..

  • All the devices are having ABM purchased apps assigned to them. (This has its own set of problems...)
  • For Facetime, I've logged into Facetime only using a shared AppleID and enabled Guided Access
  • I have been able to push updates to supervised devices without them being signed in. They have not asked for an AppleID. Yet.

I am still concerned a supervised device will want to update an app or update its iOS on its own and ask for a user sign-in. That cannot happen in this environment.

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