Computer : macbook pro no touchbar 13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports Right now my macbook pro is connected to two external monitors (identical 274E softblue phillips < 4k)but both external monitors are treated as the same single display (they mirror each other). I am connected as follows : macbook usbc -> adapter -> hdmi splitter -> monitors.

When I open display preferences only two displays are detected (the native macbook display) and one external display even though I have two external monitors. How do I add a second external monitor as a separate display?

EDIT : If I use two adapters for my thunderbolt 3 ports can I charge my macbook from one of the adapters ?

  • Your setup uses a hdmi-splitter and therefore the two monitors are actually just one monitor to your computer. That's also the reason why the screen can only be mirrored. With your current setup it will not be possible to set them up as two individual monitors. You will need to use two usb-c adapters and remove the splitter. – Chrisii Feb 1 at 6:35
  • thanks - I have 2 ports, one of which is used to charge the computer and the other other which is currently connected to a usbc-hdmi adpter - is there a way around this ? Thanks. – user196711 Feb 1 at 9:47
  • see the related question: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/46104/… you might be able to get around this limitation with usb to vga or usb to DVI adapters. – Chrisii Feb 14 at 7:18

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