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I purchased a MacBook Pro 6,2 (15" mid 2010) running macOS High Sierra

How I can install macOS Mojave in this Mac?

Several time I tried to install Mojave in this Mac, but it gives an error message that version is not compatible with this Mac.

Would you please help for solve my problem?

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Several older model macs are not compatible with Mojave. This site will list what Macs can run Mojave. The only 2010 model listed is for an Mac Pro with a specific graphics card.

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    A 2010 iPad Pro that compatible with Mojave? I must have missed that product announcement. – Allan Jan 30 at 21:09
  • Only with a recommended Metal-capable graphics card. – jmh Jan 30 at 21:20
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    I'm trying to decide which temporal paradox would actually make that possible...... – Allan Jan 30 at 21:42
  • Several of them... – jmh Jan 31 at 3:06
  • I wish you had just said I made a typo! but is was pretty humorouse! lol – jmh Jan 31 at 3:10

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