I've got an iPhone with ~500 open tabs (500 is the limit). I'd like to bookmark all of the tabs so I can review/read them later on other non Apple devices and potentially in non-apple browsers.

Is there any app or solution (like a pinboard client) that will allow me to bookmark and close those tabs in mobile safari then, at a later time, view the bookmarks in another browser or on a desktop?

  • This would be an interesting pinboard app (or custom client) feature request, pin all bookmarks in a folder.
    – bmike
    Jul 28, 2019 at 17:02

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Tyler Brook, the article you link as a solution is for a computer type of device and not an iPhone or mobile version of the browser. The mobile version has a more limited menu. I have the same question and am hitting the same wall. So far I have to email my self links to get the open pages to a non-mobile device(with a bigger screen for my old eyes ).

The iOS 13 update is testing a new function to do exactly what you seek.

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