i have an ihphone X with 64GB of storage and 200GB of icloud storage. as you can see bellow both of them have still available space.


Unfortunatelytely the "iPhone storage full, can't take a picture" notification still pops up. i tried workig something out via mac but nothing changed, also my iCloud storage says it's at 1% deespite the fact it has 114GB left... Can someone help?


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That is iCloud online storage and not the actual device storage.

See My storage was not updated

You need the storage on the device to take a photo. Check it in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

The iPhone itself has a fixed hardware memory, or space, which can only be chosen when you buy it, in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256 GB configurations. The total you see in Settings > General > Storage will never be quite this figure, as some of that is needed for the formatting of the memory & the data structure itself. This memory is where it stores all apps, music, documents etc that your phone can use.

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