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As you can tell from the picture I have the majority of my disk storage being taken up by 'Other Volumes in Container' leaving me with less than 20GB to actually use. Running Mojave 10.14.2 on a 2015 Macbook Pro

Here are the fixes I have attempted:

  • Contacted Apple support, it has been 2 weeks and they have been unable to fix it
  • Wiped disk and reinstalled OS. Note: the 97GB of 'Other volumes in Container' still remains after the disk wipe and before the reinstall of OS
  • Turned network caching on and off
  • Used Omnidisksweeper
  • Searched in activity monitor for any suspicious activities as well as running an antivirus scan
  • reindexing spotlight
  • ran diskutil list in terminal and it shows Preboot, Recovery and VM only taking up approximately 2GB

I had this same problem, and I have an inelegant solution. I had 56GB of space used up out of 128GB at one point on my 2017 MacBook Pro, so I know your pain.

1) Back up to time machine. 2) Reformat your hard drive to the old Mac files system (not AFPS, that won’t work) 3) Check your HD - does it still have the 98GB? It shouldn’t. 4) Reformat to AFPS (yep) 5) Run Time Machine

This wiped the whole ‘container’ issue for me, although now there is still a manageable 4GB, which I assume is just time machine snapshots. I consider this fixed.

Hope that helps. If it does, spread the word and get Mac to fix this issue.

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