A While back, my macbook that doesn't have a power button or keyboard working (Water damage) - has been working fine. (I just use a bluetooth keyboard, and whenever i plug the power adaptor in, it turns on, so i don't need the power button.)

Unfortunatley the battery slowly died over time. got a new battery, went to replace it (and also put a new HD in formatted GUID before i put in)

made a bootable USB to install yosemite like usual

I turned it on, went to recovery - and then clicked to install OS.

i was only in the first step of installing OS - where you click continue to install.. but i realized my friend had left with my AC adaptor by mistake --

It was dead by the time i got back.

now I'm stuck at white screen, no apple logo -- it still chimes -- I can't get it to boot into recovery, can't reset PRAM - even if i unplug the battery, it still doesn't work -- tried using a USB keyboard..

I can't figure out how to fix this.. It was working just before it died -- it would go to recovery

It turned on and went to recovery just before.. battery died.. now it doesn't.. it just hangs on the white screen, then after about 5 min you hear the fans go full-blast like its processing something heavy -- I left it on overnight, still nothing has loaded

with an external (windows) keyboard - holding opt (alt because its a windows keyboard) -- nothing , holing opt R, nothing -- it won't boot to recovery

how to i get it back going ? i tried taking out re-formatting the hard drive - i thought that would work for sure.. but that didn't work ..

i tried putting a cloned drive with the same already OS installed an working on another macbook -- still won't pass white screen.

is there a specific way to push it to recovery past the white screen?

I'm very savy at taking apart my MacBooks and this one has me troubleshoot STUMPED

I don't want to have to buy an upper-body+keyboard just to be able to press the damn power button to reset PR ram - tried the unplug battery method too

is there something i'm missing?

Any detectives out there to figure out the mystery? Does a mac literally break if you are on only the first step of the mac install? and it dies? before it actually does anything but say "click to install mac"

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