Does anybody know how I can change my yahoo messenger's status using a command in mac terminal !? Or anything except the regular way to change it !? thanx


You could try to see if "Automator" would allow you to automate it, but I don't see any cmd line parameters to messenger on the mac.


Yahoo Messenger doesn’t provide an automation mechanism, however not all is lost. You can set set a keyboard shortcut for the statuses (they are in the menu) so you could do this:

Go to System Preferences, Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts, then from the list select “Application Shortcuts" then click “+” to add a new one.

alt text

Select Yahoo Messenger and type the name of the command exactly as it appears in the yahoo statuses menu. It is case sensitive. A simple typo will cause the shortcut to fail.

I.e.: “Busy" is not the same as "busy”.

Then set a key combination:

Look at mine:

alt text

DRAWBACK: You need to have Yahoo active (i.e. focus) so the menu displayed belongs to yahoo. That means is not a “global shortcut”.

PLUS: This method is useful for any other application/Command.

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