I just received an old Mac Mini from my friend. It was a 2014 model, sitting in a locker for a while. It got a lot of stuff so I decided to re-install Mac OS using a Bootable USB.

So, I used the disk utility to delete a partition, the Mac went freeze and rebooted. Then after 30 seconds of Apple loading logo, it went freeze again and the screen glitch like this:

Mac Mini freeze and glitch screen

I am using HDMI cable, mouse and keyboard over USB port. This didn't happen when I first booted it up but persisted after I tried to delete the disk partition.

How can I recover from this one? Thanks.

EDIT: I have tried reset PRAM and NVRAM and SMC, nothing works

  • When you deleted that partition were you running thesystem from the bootable usb or the harddrive with the original system? – Solar Mike Jan 25 at 5:31
  • @SolarMike I was running the system from bootable usb – Dong Do Jan 25 at 5:33

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