I am a new Mac OS X computer user. This is my first time Mac and I have been using Windows previously. I just bought a new macbook pro.

I learned that instead of Control in Windows, Command button is used for select all, copy, cut etc. operations in Mac OS X computer.

I am using Finder application like Windows My Computer. In Windows I can easily copy and cut file and folder with Control-X, Contrl-C and Control-V.

I am using Finder and I can copy paste file with Command-C and Command-V but Command-X for cutting file and folder is not working.

I also checked in the menu bar under edit but the cut option is always disabled.

This is really weird.

How can I cut-paste files folders in Finder manager in my Mac OS X computer?

Please help. I have no clue. I checked everywhere including System Preferences setting application.

Thank You very much.


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