I can copy a link from the Google Drive finder extension and paste in a document (notes for example), but when I click this link it opens in the browser.

How can I make a link which opens directly in the Google Drive Finder extension if it is installed, and in the browser if not?

  • Do you expect the links to still work on computers where the extension is not installed, or do you just want to link to the local file? – nohillside Jan 24 at 13:05
  • I want it to work like on iOS. When you click a link you get directed to the Drive app and not the browser. I want that on Mac too. – gutenmorgenuhu Jan 24 at 13:50
  • And if somebody else opens the document and clicks on the link (somebody who hasn't installed Google Drive), what should happen then? – nohillside Jan 24 at 13:51
  • 1
    Exactly the same as on iOS. If he has Google drive app installed : open in app. If not : open in browser. – gutenmorgenuhu Jan 24 at 15:35

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