I have a following setup - iOS device acts as a hotspot, macos connects to that hotspot (and is visible as some-mac.local) and there is an openvpn (in docker) running on some-mac.local. I'd like to connect from iOS with OpenVPN to the openvpn server on some-mac.local but getting the connection timeout (tried both wifi and over USB hotspot).

Other apps on iOS can ping and even ssh to some-mac.local. With tcpdump I can see packets coming from an iOS to some-mac.local, but no packets are coming from the iOS OpenVPN app, in the OpenVPN logs some-mac.local resolves correctly to the direct IP of a hotspot connection ending with CONNECTION_TIMEOUT error - iOS is able to connect to the same IP from ping, ssh apps etc....

When some-mac.local and iOS devices both connect to external hotspot, the OpenVPN connection from iOS to some-mac.local (same config file) is working without issues. Wonder how to solve or investigate it further.

I need this configuration to be able to to expose dockerized openvpn + dnsmasq + nginx SSL proxy and then test locally developed application expecting SSL connection to particular locally defined hostname.

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