Somebody in my family has recently been trying to spy on my computer, and I was trying to buy them a surprise gift... I keep turning off Remote Login, but they turn it on while I'm not paying attention.

At first it was Screen Sharing, and now Remote Login, and I'm fairly sure they will stop at nothing!

I disabled Remote Login as best I could (with Firewall), but was wondering if there were some way to use Terminal to remove the option altogether. Removing Screen Sharing would be great too.

Thanks for your help.

Side note, how can I tell when they are remotely connected to my computer? Screen sharing has the symbol in the menu bar, but what does Remote Login do?

  • remote login lets them connect via SSH, though some third party screen sharing/viewing applications use it too I believe – Sam Feb 21 at 17:48
  • As to finding out weather they are connecting using remote login (and to block all incoming connections from them), you can use a tool like little snitch – Sam Feb 21 at 17:51

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