macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) both disks are seagate 4TB (each with less than 1TB used)

I foolishly decided to encrypt both my external hard disks (that hold the same data) simultaneously. I worked out how to check their progress (terminal: 'diskutil apfs list'), and fodun that they were both paused.

  • I eventually found this was because the power lead was not in.
  • One of the disks then read 10%. Great, but there it stayed for hours.
  • I tried mounting without unlocking, this paused it again.
  • then tried plugging in the other disk, wondering if the it was perhaps set to encrypt first and so queued before it. It was 4% and soon went up to 10.0%, I was relieved, but it hasn't progressed for many hours

I've tried restarting the computer and resetting the PRAM.

I can't access most files - I get an error 31: 'Finder can not complete the operation because some data in ... can’t be read or written.' This is true for both disks.

On Right-click of the drive, the 'Encyrpting ...' is still greyed out.

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