How can i make my iPhone 7 play all sound through the earpiece?

I want to listen to music privately without headphones thought this would be an easy way to do it, pointing bottom of phone low-volume to head is awkward and doesn't work v well.

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This is currently not possible as the earpiece speaker is only for phone calls. Your choice is the main speaker or a headset.

From this discussion:

As far as I know this is not an option.

The earpiece receiver is for phone calls, it's not a "private speaker". Your choices are the iPhones main speaker or a headset.

You can request Apple to add this functionality here.

  • How about as an app developer? can i send audio through the earpiece? – theonlygusti Jan 20 at 12:02
  • @theonlygusti i dont think so – user310476 Jan 20 at 12:03

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