I am running into an undesired scenario where incoming mail on gmail web interface is properly categorized as spam/phishing, however if the user employs any mail client (ie mail.app, outlook) - the same message categorization is not applied.

Specifically, mail.app and outlook running on macOS 10.14 don’t detect these known bad mails.

In hopes of curbing this, I was hoping to have gmail add custom headers to junk categorized mail, such that I depend on macOS on mail clients level spam detection will trigger and block these messages. I would like Mac mail clients to not leave these messages in the inbox.

I have tried configuring a default routing rule on Gmail to add 'x-gm-spam' and 'x-gm-phishy' headers for downstream mail servers. I still do not see these inserted.

Can someone please let me know if you know a workaround to protect users who dont use the http gmail client from spam?

  • This sounds like a Google/Gmail issue and not one related to Apple Mail. It might be advisable to look into a paid service to filter spam and whatnot – Allan Jan 19 at 19:53
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  • @bmike - the OP, in the first para. mentioned “any mail client” then in the second para. says would like to “have gmail add custom headers.” It was this reason that I nominated to close as off topic – Allan Jan 20 at 13:59

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