Im running OSX 10.13.6

I have a range of email accounts setup in mac mail, mostly google apps for business gmail accounts and iCloud accounts.

I have 1 custom hosted IMAP / SMTP account which for some reason is showing a "square icon" (see below screenshot) in the sidebar for the sent mailbox. The inbox mailbox for this account works, but the sent doesn't.

Any ideas why this might be and what the square icons means ?


  • What happens when you click the disclosure triangle on that square? – fsb Jan 18 at 15:48
  • @fsb , there is nothing under the disclosure triangle - see screenshot here : imgur.com/HR0n2O7 – sam Jan 21 at 20:55
  • see discussions.apple.com/thread/7255547 – user310476 Jan 30 at 19:20
  • I ended up getting around this issue by deleting the mail box, then re adding it – sam Jan 31 at 11:47

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