I know that there are several camera apps for iOS, but what's a good one for the iPod Touch? More specifically, I'm looking for an app for taking good video.

  • How would you define "good", especially compared to the builtin Photo/Capture app? – nohillside Dec 29 '11 at 20:11
  • I am looking for an app that is geared more towards taking video. More features for taking video... – daviesgeek Dec 29 '11 at 20:15

When I need more control over the video I'm recording I use Canopy Camera Tools. The Canopy app lets you choose a separate focus and exposure point - unlike the stock Camera app. It also lets you lock the white balance once you found a good exposure. Those features are also available when you want to take a picture. You can also make time-lapse video's with Canopy.

I'm sure there are alternatives to Canopy but this is the app I use. There are also apps that - unlike the stock Camera app - let you zoom while you're recording a video but since any zooming is achieved through digital zoom and not optical zoom they will degrade the quality of the video.


Capture is handy. Launching the app starts recording and quitting the app stops recording. Admittedly less useful now that iOS 5 has the camera shortcut on the launch screen, but it's nice for when you want to launch directly into video recording mode.

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