I’ve started using my iPad more and more (especially here on Ask Different) and I’ve found that I can’t find the grave accent character (also known as the "back tick" or "opening single quote"; it's the un-shifted ~ key on the standard US keyboard.

Where can I find this character on the iOS keyboard?


When using the virtual keyboard, tap the .?123, the press and hold (apostrophe). The key will expand out, just select ` (grave accent). It will be last character in the list that pops up.

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    alternatively, just hold the letter you want the grave accent over [assuming you don't just want a solo backtick] & you get a similar list. – Tetsujin Jan 18 '19 at 12:54
  1. Download Gboard
  2. Switch to 123
  3. Hold apostrophe '
  4. Choose first one (grave accent)


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    Why is it necessary to delete all other keyboards? How does one type a grave accent with Gboard once installed? Please edit your answer to fully answer the question – grg Dec 25 '19 at 17:46

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