I keep an alias on my desktop. It points to a Terminal shell script .command file. The alias arrow appears enlarged and fuzzy. It's pictured here next to a normal icon.

Blurry Arrow Alias Icon

How do I correct the look of the arrow in this icon?

I have tried restarting Finder (also my computer) and recreating the alias.

  • That is bizarre, have you tried deleting the .DS_store file in your desktop? – user3052786 Jan 17 at 23:12
  • Strangely the problem has right now gone away, or I'd try testing that right now. The only thing that's changed since posting my question an hour ago is plugging/unplugging into an external monitor. – Jonathan Berger Jan 18 at 0:08
  • @user3052786 Thanks for suggestion. Problem returned today and I tested it. Unfortunately did not work. – Jonathan Berger Jan 23 at 0:19

I have the same problem. I figured out that the arrow is ok if the icon is not set as a perfect square, otherwise the arrow tends to go blurry. But again - there is a problem with the icon when it's not a perfect square. But there is good news too, it can be fixed in quite a strange way - just move the alias to the trash and somehow the arrow becomes normal after a couple of hours or after restart. Don't know for sure, just keep in the trash for a while and it will fix this blurry problem. :)

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