I have a 15" 2018 MacBook Pro with 4GB Radeon Pro 555X graphics. I also own a Pixeo PXC32 monitor that I use between my Windows 10 laptop and this MacBook. I am having trouble getting 144hz in 1440p out of this monitor with the MacBook. It causes an unusable amount of mouse stuttering when I use cables that support it.

Here are the configurations I have tried:

  • Non-Powered 3rd party USB-C dongle with USB-A ports and an HDMI out. I don't have access to change the refresh rate higher than 60hz in this configuration.
  • Apple USB-C to HDMI/USB-A adapter. I get screen flickering with this one, can't go above 60hz.
  • 3rd party Thunderbolt 3 to mini-display port adapter to a mini display port to display port cable. I get mouse stuttering.
  • 3rd party Thunderbolt 3 to display port cable. Mouse stuttering.

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