When I go into ColorSync Utility and look under the Profiles tab in the Profiles window or when I go into System Preferences and go to the Color pane of Displays preferences, I don't see anything that looks like a "default" profile.

There are two display profiles named "iMac" that appear in the Color pane in System Preferences that are the first ones listed in the selection box and the only ones listed if I have "Show profiles for this display only" checked. The files associated with these two profiles are stored in /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Display and their filenames are of the form iMac-{UUID}.icc where {UUID} is a UUID with uppercase letters. The UUID for one of them is mostly zeros and it was created, or last modified, three years ago. The other one has a more random-looking UUID in the filename and it was created only a few days into this year. I am unaware of what could have created this second file; no system update was performed around that time nor was I messing with color profiles.

The two color profiles are not identical. Several fields differ between them, but these differences are almost all seemingly ordinary because they are for fields like the profiles' creation times and their filesystem paths.

I stumbled upon these profiles while I was trying to undo a change I thought I had made to my computer's display settings in an attempt to resolve the problem of blurry text elements on my system.

Is there a default color profile that ships with macOS or is it generated to fit the display? I don't know much at all about "color profiles" or what they do, so much of this is beyond me. I am running El Capitan.

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