My computer's battery was getting too old so I sent my macbook to an unofficial A/S center. After a week, I got my macbook back and my trackpad felt a bit wrong. It was moving and clicking like it was supposed to, but it wasn't making any of those satisfying 'click!' sound. In the settings>trackpad>point&click section, "Tap to Click" isn't even on. What do I do?

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    Sending it back for repair might be the best course of action. – nohillside Jan 16 at 13:19
  • @nohillside Thanks! I actually did send it back to fix the trackpad - they used a bigger battery thing(how do you call that? Internal battery?) so they removed something under the trackpad (that's what they say so). – Kelly Choi Jan 20 at 11:42

Go to Settings > Trackpad > Point & Click and than enable "Tap to Click" and disable "Silent Clicking".


Maybe turn on "Tap to Click" on?

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  • But I thought "Tap to Click" made it even more silent and stuff... – Kelly Choi Jan 16 at 11:32

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