I successfully created Android machine in VirtualBox 5.2.20. Problem is that I cannot make it so that mouse is easy to control via trackpad.

I have searched and tried various solutions with no success. In machine's settings (under System > Motherboard) I have changed pointing device to PS/2 Mouse. I also tried to toggle Mouse Integration in Inputs, to install extension pack, I also tried to insert guest additions but clicking on that menu item doesn't do anything.

When I use Windows 10 machine there, I do not have mouse problem even though I haven't touched related settings.

What I am doing wrong?

Here is a video screen of mouse behavior to see what I am talking about. This mouse movement is not problem with video, it's like that in real: https://streamable.com/bw9w6

Edit: I didn't mention, but VirtualBox is installed on MacOS Siera 10.12.6, and what I want is to use flawlessly mouse via MacBook's built-in trackpad, just like I use it in MacOS or in Windows 10 machine in VirtualBox.

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