This might be an odd question, if what searching the web has turned up so far is any indication.

When I enter a calendar event, I would like Calendar.app to create a duplicate entry in a different calendar, unless it is marked as all day.

The problem:

I have a scheduling service that uses a calendar to determine my availability. It can only use a single calendar.

I use multiple calendar across multiple accounts. Some share with friends to help coordinate getting together. Some are for specific contexts of my life.

Current model:

scheduling service 
   -> calendar for @gmail.com 
   -> if no event, Josh is available; if all day event, Josh is not available

The problem here is I may be available according to the scheduling service but not really available according to the other contexts in my life. The crux is that the calendar service has to go through my calendar.

Workaround I have now.

   -> put event in calendar for @joshbruce.com to display to friends 
   -> copy event to scheduling service calendar


   -> add event to scheduling service calendar
   -> duplicate event
   -> reassign calendar

Desired future model:

   -> put event in calendar for @joshbruce.com to display to friends 
   -> automatically duplicate event and assign to scheduling service calendar

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