I have two PS4 controllers but I'm unable to connect both by bluetooth on my iMac and Mac Book Pro, both running Mojave.

I can pair one of them (say A) and, as soon as I do it, the other one (say B) is not recognized through bluetooth. When I set it to be discoverable, the white light blinks for a while and nothing happens. The weirdest thing is that if I disconnect A and try to connect B, it won't be recognizable unless I run:

sudo rm -R /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist

So what happens now is that I can pair A to my iMac and B to my Mac Book Pro, but not both to neither of them.

I have been googling this problem for a while but haven't found a solution or even a reason for this to make sense.

  • Just wondering, have you checked out these related questions 1, 2 just in case there's anything useful in the answers/comments? – Monomeeth Jan 14 at 1:31
  • I have checked them, but none help me, unfortunately, @Monomeeth. – pceccon Jan 15 at 11:51

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