I copied a couple dozen MP3s to an iPhone through iTunes. To play them I used VLC however VLC does not play the next song. How do I have VLC play all the music on the device without having to constantly pick up the phone, turn the screen on and manually tell it to play the next song?


There's a three dot menu in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you are playing a file...

menu showing arrows crossed out

if you tap that the top item once and you'll get "repeat one" tap it again and you get "repeat all" which when I tried it, changed the behavior from quitting at the end of a track to playing the next track.

repeat all icon

It will also probably repeat the playlist when it gets to the end though.

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iTunes has a "shuffle" setting where it will play all tracks randomly or play all sequentially.

I don’t believe vlc has that, afaik...

Why not just use iTunes..

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