my need:
I do not want "Fall Detection" to dial 911. And, I'd like to use "Fall Detection" to stop other people from dialing 911 on my behalf.

my condition:
I will be walking, and I have a seizure... my next memory is that I am in the Emergency Room. An ambulance ride and ER visit is $1800. I receive no treatment in the ER. All I need to do is rest. I refuse to pay $1800, and I hope "Fall Detection" can solve this problem.

the situation:
I am walking, have a seizure, stumble and fall to the ground. Apparently I sit there confused and resting. Apparently, I am able to talk with people who ask if I'm ok. But, I'm not able to convince them not to call an ambulance. A few times I remember talking to EMTs telling them to leave me alone, but they always force you to get in the ambulance (I guess for financial reasons). I guess I'm too weak / exhausted to physically resist them.

If "Fall Detection" could get an "Emergency Contact" of mine to talk with a good samaritan that finds me and convince them not to dial 911, that would be such a gift. So amazing. And of course, NEVER have Fall Detection dial 911. What is the best way to configure "Fall Detection" to have this strategy work?

I know this situation sounds crazy, this is a major recurring problem.

  • 2 ideas to use with fall detection off: 1. Explain your situation in your “medical ID” in health app, but people may not look. 2. Keep a physical paper/laminated card etc that you can pull out and give to people with the explanation, phone numbers to call etc – JBallin Jan 15 at 6:22


Fall detection on your Apple Watch Series 4 is off by default unless you are age 65 or older. There's no way to get Fall Detection to do what you want, it's not configurable that way. I think your only option is to turn it off.

From Apple's Support document:

If you've entered your age when you set up your Apple Watch or in the Health app and you're age 65 and over, this feature automatically turns on.

If, for any reason, you decide that you don't want Fall Detection on, you can disable it in the Watch app on your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab at the bottom left.
  3. Tap Emergency SOS.
  4. Scroll down and turn off Fall Detection. The switch is to the left when it's off.

Turn off Fall Detection

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