launchd items in /Library/LaunchDaemon may redirect stdin/stdout/stderr. E.g. I've got an item that says:


I do get the stdout in /Library/Logs/rnamanagedocker_out.log, but no /Library/Logs/rnamanagedocker_err.log is created while I am certain there is stderr output.

Any tips?

[UPDATE Jan 17] I have now noticed that I do get stderr in an expected output file. Either I was mistaken or there was some setup I cannot reproduce that got the stderr output lost. Probably the first (picnic, problem in chair, not in computer).


Try making sure that the system is actually permitted to write to that file. I would suggest simply creating the file in advance (as an empty file). You can do that with the Terminal as follows:

touch /Library/Logs/rnamanagedocker_err.log

Then try first by making the file writable by everyone to see, if that makes it work:

chmod a+w /Library/Logs/rnamanagedocker_err.log

If you want then you can then start limited the permissions on the file to get to the level you require.

  • Actually, this was not expected to help, because if you can write the out file in the same directory, why not the err file? But I tried anyway, and it did not help. – gctwnl Jan 15 at 21:46
  • I don't know why you had those expectations, but if one file already exists and is writable - it would be logical why you could write to that file, but not the other one. – jksoegaard Jan 15 at 22:07
  • I had that expectation because the other file was also created on the first write. I never created it by hand. But agreed, error could behave differently. – gctwnl Jan 16 at 15:24
  • You didn't write that in your question, so I couldn't know that when I answered. How have you checked that something is actually output to stderr? – jksoegaard Jan 16 at 15:27
  • By running the command by hand. – gctwnl Jan 16 at 15:35

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