iMac recently updated to High Sierra and at same time, boot volume migrated to APFS. Installed compatible driver for my Evoluent mouse (which did ask for a Security 'Allow") and following reboot, Mac stalled at the end of the startup progress bar. Force restart. Same thing. Safe Boot. Same thing. Started up in verbose mode. Attached screen shot shows what I'm seeing. enter image description here APFS error verbose

It gets to the line near the top that says "apfs_vfsoop_unmount:1846 all done going home" in the expected amount of time, but then stalls for several minutes on the next line about the AppleKeyStore and the special bag -503. then another few minutes to the get the 'apfs_keybag_get:1320: failed to get apfs volume keybag, err = 2'. The rest of the showed up over the next 30-40 minutes, where apparently it's looking for some snapshot data.

Can anyone make any sense of this? Is there a way to fix this APFS failure? How could installing a driver damage APFS to this extent?

I was able to boot into Recovery mode and reinstall the OS, so mostly asking for wisdom on APFS pitfalls ?

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