enter image description hereIn Numbers for macOS I have a column of entries, each entry (field) is just a single word. How can I update the whole column such that each entry will look like that instead:

<img src="field_content.jpg">
  • This is not clear to me. Why can't copy/paste work? – fsb Jan 11 at 17:12
  • @fsb I've added an image to help illustrate the problem. Copying and pasting won't work because I have many entries in that column... – Anton K Jan 11 at 17:16

You can do it by adding an extra column and using a formula in this column. Press = key on the keyboard to open the formula window and enter the formula: enter image description here Then press the green button and copy paste the formula in other cells: enter image description here

You can copy and paste the data into the original column afterwards (but use "Edit" - "Paste Formula Results" command this time).

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