On the first of January every year, I move the previous year's mails from INBOX, to 'all', which is an actual 'physical' folder in Mail.app - in other words, off the server and onto my Mac. I do this by selecting the last message of 31 December, and then scrolling to the 1 January of the previous year, and holding down SHIFT whilst I select that message. I then right-click on the selected mails, and choose 'move to' and 'all'.

In 2018, there are over 13,000 messages, so when I perform the above operation, I wait for a little while. They appear to have vanished from INBOX, which is good. I click on ‘Sent’, intending to do the same with 2018’s messages in there. But if I switch back to INBOX, hey presto – nothing has been moved. Worse, if I go and look in ‘all’, I see copies of the messages that I thought I had moved. If I did it ten times, there would be ten copies of those e-mails.

I know that there is also a ‘copy’ option on the contextual menu, but I do not click on that. I click on ‘move’.

Why are my messages not moving?

  • Are you using iCloud and the messages are being replaced? – Solar Mike Jan 11 at 10:35
  • No, iCloud is not active. – Darren Matheson Jan 11 at 11:00

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