I have an old imac running 10.6.8 (sacred and never to be updated!) I have a 'new' imac running 10.12.6.

I have my old iphone 3G running ios 6.0.1, with all my latest phone contacts on it. I have a new iphone 5S running ios 12.1.12.

Old itunes refuses to see new iphone. NEW itunes refuses to see NEW iphone but amazingly can see and backup OLD iphone. Therefore on my new imac 10.12.6 I have a backup of my old iphone. I also have a saved copy of my old imac's iphone 3 backup Application Support/Mobile Sync file.

Now here is the issue: I want to get my contacts from my old iphone to my new one, but new itunes cannot see my new iphone 5s.

And icloud won't cooperate because of the version differences. Making a CardAv account on my old iphone failed. Also iCloud on the new iphone sent a verification code to input to old iphone, but the iCloud screen in iphone 3 has no keyboard to input the code!

You see my difficulty.

Questions therefore are: 1. Is there a way to get the iphone 3g backup file onto the iphone 5s (and working) without itunes or icloud? 2. Or is there a way to force new itunes to see the new phone 5s so I can do a restore?

Can anyone help please? (I am OK to mess around in Terminal if given exact lines of code, or mess around with converters, whatever works safely....)

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