I'm running macOS 10.14.2 on a 2018 Mac mini. I have an Akitio enclosure, connected to the Mac via a Thunderbolt 2<->3 adapter. At random, one of the drives in the enclosure becomes read-only (the other drives are fine). I'm not really sure where to begin troubleshooting this. This also happened on my 2013 Mac Pro running High Sierra.

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I assume you've already done this, but I would check my connectors. Additionally, the one drive may not be getting as much power and/or can be beginning to fail. If you have a way to test it externally on another device, I think we would learn a lot more about the cause. I hope this provides some helpful ideas/thoughts. Keep us posted!

  • Connectors seem fine. It happens only once in awhile, so it's difficult to test on another machine that I'm not able to get work done on. I ran First Aid in Disk Utility, everything came back OK. – ffxsam Jan 11 at 14:55

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