I thought I just saw someone with (what I believe to be) a thunderbolt 3 and a disc drive on their MacBook, and I thought there were no more disc drives that were built into MacBooks (that have thunderbolt 3 ports also). The computer did look like one of the thicker, somewhat older MacBooks. What did I possibly see?


Could it have been a Kensington Lock Slot? I believe the pre-retina MacBook Pros and MacBooks with optical drives all had them.

Side view of old PowerBook with Kensington Lock Slot

(Image: Wikipedia User "Yetzt", CC-BY-SA-2.0-Germany)

  • Yea, that is kinda what it looked like. It was just that (or whatever it was if not that) and the optical drive. Thanks. I knew it couldn't be a thunderbolt 3 – Randall Hall Jan 10 at 20:56

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