I have some bluetooth headphones which read out the name of the devices it connects to. My corporate MacBook Pro has a specific hostname, so when I connect to the headphones I hear a really long, random alphanumeric string.

If I was able to change the Computer name in the Sharing preferences pane it will rename the Bluetooth name, but is there a way to rename the bluetooth name only, leaving the computer name and network hostname alone?


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Had the same problem, this worked for me:

You can rename the LocalHostName separately from the Computer Name, which should give you the desired result, and shouldn't mess with any network settings.

Under System Preferences -> Sharing, click the Edit button to the lower right of the Computer Name field. Here you can enter a different local hostname, and leave the computer name set to whatever you want the Bluetooth name to be.

If you explicitly need to set a hostname, you can also do that from Terminal, by entering:

scutil --set HostName yourhostnamehere

Before you do that though, you might want to check the current values. You can use these commands for hostname, local hostname, and computer name respectively:

scutil --get HostName
scutil --get LocalHostName
scutil --get ComputerName

An explanation of each of the properties can be found here:

ComputerName is the so-called “user-friendly” computer name for a Mac, it’s what will show up on the Mac itself and what will be visible to others when connecting to it over a local network. This is also what’s visible under the Sharing preference panel.

HostName is the name assigned to the computer as visible from the command line, and it’s also used by local and remote networks when connecting through SSH and Remote Login.

LocalHostName is the name identifier used by Bonjour and visible through file sharing services like AirDrop

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    I think this is the closest I'll be able to get. I think it's ComputerName which I want to change (my company has set each of the three settings specifically, though). I've added a description of each of the settings to your answer.
    – dsample
    Commented Jun 6, 2019 at 7:32

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