I have Time Capsule of the 1st generation (the flat one) wherein I changed the hard drive for one with 3TB capacity. This was 2 years ago. Now, the time having passed, I don't have any information regarding the hard disk I put into my Time Capsule and I would like to know exact, specific type of hard drive that resides therein. I tried using Disk Utility but it won't display any information regarding Time Capsule. I also tried Airport Utility but I could not find any information regarding the hard drive type and manufacturer. Would should I do? Thanks in advance.


You could open up your Time Capsule and take a look at the product label on the drive. Or if you bought it online you could look for the order details in your email archive or on the retailer’s website.

  • I wanna do it using my mac – yssup Jan 10 at 20:16

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