I made a backup of my iPad Pro using iTunes. The backup is on my PC not on iCloud.

The iPad broke a few days later, so I went to a store to make the AppleCare valid, we formatted it on the store.

Will I be able to restore my old backup into the new iPad?


As IconDaemon pointed out it's possible and normal to restore from backup, it was reassuring to know that I could restore my backup many days before getting the replacement

Here is a screenshot of the restore screen

enter image description here


Yes you can restore the backup to your new iPad. I've restored my iPad backups many times when I went from model to model, starting from the iPad1 all the way to the iPad 6th gen. Note: I don't use Windows iTunes, but I think the function is the same.

  • One thing to be aware of, is that a backup from a newer version of iOS won't restore onto a device with an older iOS. Also, from a user perspective, Windows iTunes works the same as the Mac version does. – S.Robins Jan 13 at 6:30

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