I have a MacBook Pro with touchbar and macOS 10.14.1 I'm using a non apple docking station to which I plugged in an LMP keyboard (Model KB-1243) via USB.

Now I want to use the function keys in IntelliJ as shortcuts without having to press the 'fn' key. So I checked the checkbox 'use F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys' but it's not working. I still have to press the fn key. I guess this setting is only for the internal MacBook keyboard, because there it works.

But how can I get it enabled for my external USB-Keyboard?

I just tried it with the Karabiner-Elements, set the function keys to the corresponding function key. But it still doesn't work.

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I had the same issue but found a solution. You can enable/disable the feature by pressing the fn+Esc keys on the LMP keyboard. Apparently it's a feature built in the firmware and can't be adjusted with software. It took me hours to find out...

I tried everything first. I downloaded Fluor, Karabiner, FunctionFlip, nothing worked. Until I found that little leaflet in the box with instructions...


Ok the problem seems to be the LMP keyboard. I tested with an official Mac keyboard and it instantly worked! Very annoying...


Just in case somebody needs to know where the fn key on the LMP keyboard is:

(in case the picture is not loading: It is two rows above the left arrow key.) enter image description here

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