Is there a quick way or software for MacOS that makes it easy to quickly preview all (or many) pages in a single PDF file. Optimally, it would preview a PDF with multiple pages, similar to how Quick Look shows multiple files.

Currently in Quick Look, I have to scroll through the pages (this does not give me the overview I would like). Alternatively, I'll have to;

  1. Open PDF in Preview,
  2. Open print dialog,
  3. Choose layout and select 16 pages per sheet,
  4. Save as a new PDF, and then
  5. Quick Look or open the new PDF. Which gives something like this:


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Preview also has something called a "Contact Sheet" (similar to the contact sheets one printed for photos on a film).

Open the PDF in Preview and either press cmdoption6, or go to the "View" menu and select "Contact Sheet".

Then zoom in or out to taste.

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